Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis Barbara De Angelis is an American relationship consultant, lecturer and author, TV personality, relationship and personal growth adviser with a master’s degree in psychology from Sierra University in Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia Pacific University. De Angelis has written fourteen best-selling books Read more

Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray – author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Dr. Gray is the author of 16 books. The best known book is “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” which USA Today claimed to be "the number one best-selling book of the last decade – it is the number […] Read more

Dr. James C. Dobson

Dr. James C. Dobson of “Focus on the Family” James Clayton “Jim” Dobson, Jr. is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founder of Focus on the Family (FOTF). No longer affiliated with Focus on the Family, Dobson founded Family Talk as a 501c3 organization in 2010 and launched a new radio broadcast, Read more

Dr. Gary Smalley

Dr. Gary Smalley – family counsellor Dr. Gary Smalley is a family counsellor, president and founder of the Smalley Relationship Center and author of books on family relationships from a Christian perspective. In 1979, Gary & Norma Smalley started an organization focused on helping families, then launched the CMI organization and Gary Read more

Dr. Ellen Kreidman

Dr. Ellen Kreidman, author of “Light His Fire” & “Light Her Fire” & “The 10 Second Kiss” For 20 years, Dr. Ellen has educated, motivated, and inspired thousands of men and women to teach them how to inject fun, romance, excitement and communication back into their marriages. With humor and personal Read more

Dr. Paul Hegstrom

Paul Hegstrom’s Findings: 1) Anger Destroys Marriages 2) Perceptions Can Distort Thinking and Foster Wrong Reactions 3) Emotional Wounds Cause People to Lash Out 4) Emotional Triggers Cause Wrong Reactions If you work through your marriage problems, you will be happier. Paul Hegstrom was angry According to Read more

Steve Murray, master of 3 Reikis

Steve Murray is master of Usui Reiki as well as Tibetan Reiki and Karuna Reiki. Steve Murray can trace his training directly to Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki energy healing. What is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient healing method used by the Japanese for centuries. Through Reiki, many people will experience healing, balance, relaxation, […] Read more

Sam Meranto

Sam Meranto has developed the Best Healing Technology in the World. His treatment is not Hypnosis, which is temporary, but rather Guided Meditation, minimal diet changes, and other guidance. Spectacular, Immediate Results His results are almost always spectacular, and long-lasting, often starting right away. God Directed Him to Do It He offers it Read more

Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) teaches techniques, including body language, tones of voices, and language use that tune into what another person responds to. NLP can be used to convince the other person of what you want them to believe, or NLP can be used to help the speaker overcome communication problems they have. Tony Robbins and […] Read more

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage Counseling is a way couples can try to get their marriage back on the right track. You love your wife, but you may feel you are getting emotional abused. You love your husband, but you may feel he isn’t open to you on financial and other levels. You hope to work towards a better […] Read more

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